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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fugitive: Plan B

Runaway Plan B/ Fugitive Plan B/ 도망자: Plan B/ Do Mang Ja: Plan B **** (Korean)
20 episodes

Bi (Rain) as Ji Woo
Lee Jung Jin as Chief Detective Do Soo
Great Drama! This one had laugh-out-loud comedic moments and the unsureness and sacrifice of romance all wound around a great deal of action. I loved it! Warning, this involves the tragic loss of two characters. Fav character(s): Ji-Woo, the PI of course. :) Takes just a little bit of crazy to move in groove with this guy's job... and his interaction with Do-Soo, the police detective. Fav scene(s): the Run-away from the yakuza and the reunite at the concert, resulting in quite an on-stage 'dance' with an affectionate ending.

Jin-Yi hires Ji-Woo to help her find the person who killed her grandparents, parents and adoptive parents... because she feels she might be the next target. This leads them into battle.... involving a presidential candidate, the all-consuming greed of an old man, a well-connected business man seeking to protect what he values most, old bank notes from the Korean war, a greedy 'Tiger' and 'Hyena' hoping to cash-in, police corruption, and a hidden stack of gold.

"Running & Running"
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