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Friday, March 9, 2012

Hello My Teacher

Hello My Teacher/ Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy/ 건빵선생과 별사탕/ Geon-bbang-seon-saeng-kwa Byeol-sa-tang ** (Korean)
16 episodes

Kim Da Hyun as Ji Hyun Woo
The art teacher was quite a handsome guy, biscuit had a soft yet occasionally determined personality. Fav scene(s): Tae In following Na Bo Ri into the mountains to visit her dad... and then greeting the priest with a sort of piggy-back ride.

A girl, once kicked out of school decides to return to the same school to teach, so she can be next to her first love, the school's art teacher, In order to do that though, this sorry excuse for a teacher, has to essentially babysit one of the school's trouble-makers, which, as circumstance would have it, happens to be not only the art teacher's nephew, but is the son of the school's president as well... and it isn't long before the senior confesses and battles with his uncle for rights of boyfriend... and their respective 'ex's' are jealous enough to try some underhanded tricks to regain their previous status. One of which, puts the school itself in jeopardy.

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