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Friday, March 9, 2012

Marrying School Girl

Marrying School Girl/ 여고생 시집가기/ Yeogosaeng sijipgagi ** (Korean)
Ji-won Eun as On-dal Park
A bit slapsticky and a bit suggestive.. but rather funny in places. It was a little hard to tell if the guy the girl was chasing, was really the one the fortune-teller spoke of... or if the underdog student who transferred in after the first, was the one spoken of and the girl was simply ignoring that possibility.

A girl, haunted by a princess whose husband had died before her, must marry her fated love by the age of 16 and have a child within the following year, or she will die... then she meets him, as a transfer student in school, and chases after him with everything she has.

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