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Friday, March 9, 2012

My Little Chef

My Little Chef (Japanese)
10 episodes

Abe Hiroshi as Tachibana Kensaku
Another 'not really a romantic comedy', but worthy of note dramas. The storyline was alright, the acting was fine, and the food preparation totally yummy! the girls were pretty and the guys looked good, all dressed in their occupation attire. Not really all that bad all in all. Fav scene: Ending picture-taking... complete with the owner, and the buff vegie deliverer of few uninterrupted words.

Girl, raised by dad-chef until his death and raised by the man's second wife, is encouraged to pursue her dream of also becoming a chef, heads for the city with her little sister and is taken in by an uncle's brother even though the business she hoped to be a part of, had already been sold. Instead, she partners up with the brother to open another business out of his house. Unable to keep with the pressures though, the new 'family' of chefs and help limits themselves to only 3 reservations a day.. which unfortunately, quickly puts them in financial difficulties.

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