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Monday, March 5, 2012

Easy Fortune Happy Life

Easy Fortune Happy Life/ 福氣又安康/ Fu Qi You An Kang ** (Taiwanese)
17 episodes

Roy Qiu as Han Dong Jie

li Kai Bei shang "Leaving Sadness"
by Van Fan

A rather nice comedy/romance.. and a sad tragic event to help fuel its last expected dip in the storyline. Favorite character(s): Han Dong Jie and Yan Yang

Country herbalist girl encounters a family squabble while visiting the hospital over a needed surgery for the grandfather. Thinking them all vultures, waiting for the old fellow to die, she sneaks into the room, and gives the fellow a herbal cure to wake him up. the old guy sees in her a long lost love... which happens to be the girl's grandmother. Wanting to pass on his medicine company to either of his two grandsons.. he makes an announcement at his 80s anniversary that which-ever of the two finds and weds this girl, will receive the whole of the company, worth quite a sum on money. so the race is on.

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