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Friday, March 9, 2012

Rent a Girlfriend Home For New Years

Rent a Girlfriend Home For New Years ** (Chinese)
24 episodes

Du Chun as Sun Yi Wei
Xue Jia Ning as Chu Xiao Xiao
A little dragged out, the acting wasn't terribly wow... or perhaps it was the script, and it was also rather predictable.. tp the point of wondering just when the 'one year later' was going to be posted... but not really all that bad for a lightish romance. I say that with an -ish because although the story did have a single nice kiss, and comfort of sleeping 'together'... there wasn't really any chemistry going on. Fav Character(s): Little Uncle's Nephew...who seemed the first to really 'get it'. and grandma...who I think deserves "Most Mischievous Support" for her playing the 'I'm sick so you'll stay' card.

Yi Wei, desperate to appease his family for the holiday, hires a Girlfriend... a girl who is rather desperate for money to help solve her mother's trouble with loan sharks. One fib turns into another as the holiday extends. In being intro'd to the loving 'traditionally-minded' family, she stretches boundaries and not only causes upheaval, but draws open tightly shuttered windows between the family members and draws them closer together. And then, on the day of their engagement, not only does an ex-girlfriend show up, but so do the loan sharks.

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