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Monday, March 5, 2012

Delightful Girl Choon Hyang

Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang/ Sassy girl, Choon-hyang/ 쾌걸 춘향/ Kwae-geol Choon-hyang/ Pleasurable Girl Choon-Hyang ** (Korean)
17 episodes

Han Chae Young as Sung Chun-Hyang
Jae Hee as Lee Mong-ryong
Comedic especially at the start.. then it get embroiled in the drama of seeing others, which gets out of hand and becomes bogged down in a lot of heartbreaking.
Least favorite character(s): Sung Choon Hyang... I realize she was trying to protect her love, but there are ways of showing her displeasure to the guy who forced them apart.. except for a little hissing at the guy, she did nothing. directly conflicting to what she showed Mong Ryong,.. even before the problem existed, she was always rejecting him.

Sung Choon Hyang stomps on Lee Mong Ryong's cell phone when, after a leap and collision, he accidentally snaps a pic of her panties. After a lake accident, she gets sick, and her friends (plus Mong Ryong) come over to visit. He gets drunk and winds up spending the night in her room with her. This leads to a forced marriage between the two to see them through school and into collage. Then enters Mong Ryong's first love.. and Byun Hak Do, CEO of an entertainment company. Each of which have plans to tear the two apart, no matter what it takes.

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