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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tamra, The Island +

Tamra, The Island/ Tamnaneun Doda/ Tempted Again/ Shipwrecked ***\ (Korean)
16 episodes

Kim Mi Kyung as
Choi Jang Nyeo

Kim Yoo Jung as
Jang Beo Seol

Byun Woo Min as
Jang Won Bin
I normally don't care much for period/historical drama's, but this one was a true exception. I Loved it!! It had romance, comedy, mystery/spy, "Amazing scenery!", an engaging plot/storyline, terrific acting, believable characters, and amazing music.
Fav scene(s): William playing the part of a masked goblin.

A young Englishman and his friend are castaway on the shore of what becomes Jeju island at a time when foreigners were not allowed.. in a life threatening sort of way... and they become acquainted with a young diver. At about the same time. A scholar, accused of womanizing, is exiled to the island and takes up residence with the girl and her family. It becomes apparent to the locals soon after, that they have thieves stealing their tithe to the royal crown, creating all sorts of hardship for the village... as the trouble escalates, the castaways, hidden and fed by the girl, realize they might be exposed and reported if they stay much longer, but how to get away?

"Jane Park"
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