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One * = Didn't like it, Don't recommend. Two ** = Typical. Worth seeing at least once. Three *** = I enjoyed it! Worth seeing more then once.
Four **** = It's great! Add it to your all-time favorites list! Five ***** = Epic! Highly Recommended. A totally memorable drama/film.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bad Couple

Bad Couple/ 불량커플/ Defective Couple ** (Korean)
16 episodes

Ryu Soo Young as Choi Gi Chan

Had some sad moments, had quite a few comedic moments, and overall, a rather sweet romance. funniest moments; when the girl plans accidental meetings with her target.
sweetest moments; when the guy goes all-out to show his support and caring to the woman he truly loves the most.

This one had two plots, equally strong as one another. The main plot concerned a woman who having heard her biological clock tickling away, decides to seduce the 'perfect' man and raise the child, who looks just like her, by herself. and in the other, a husband, who has been having an affair for 2 years past, seeks to divorce his wife. In an effort to make him jealous and reflect, she finds a 'fake' boyfriend to help her out.

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