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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Corner With Love

Corner With Love/ 轉角*遇到愛/ Zhuan Jiao * Yu Dao Ai ** (Taiwanese)
16 episodes

A rather fun romance with lots of funny bickering and stumbling cheerfulness. If I had to pick a fav character.. hmm.. difficult.. I suppose it might be the oyster omelet king. Even though he was rough and tumble, he managed to be there for the princess, family, and friends when he was really needed. Fav scene: getting drunk, smooching in the hall, and breaking house rules by passing out together in the doorway to her room... then not being able to truthfully say 'nothing happened' to grandma when they got caught in the morning.

Rich girl and an omelet king meet by accident.. and then again when she is looking for help in learning how to make a Taiwanese snack to impress her in-laws to be. Then again, after he goes back home and she loses her family and comfortable life .. she heads for the 'resort' her mother left for her, and it turns out to be the very home he lives in.
In order to protect her and knowing she had no-where else to go, the guy claims to be her boyfriend so that his grandmother would allow her to stay.
Life is not at all like she is used to, but with his helping hands beside her, she rises to the challenge of starting over.

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