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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Miss No Good

Miss No Good/ 不良笑花/ Pu Liang Hsiao Hua (Bu Liang Xiao Hua)/ The Bad Campus Belle/ Campus Shrewd ** (Taiwanese)
14 episodes

Jay Shih as Dou Zi
Rainie Yang as Jiang Xiao Hua
Xiao Call as JoJo

This one has the same lead actress as in Why why love and Devil beside you.
Fav character: The girl's dad. A good support and very patient.
The whole issue with the girl's mom could have easily been solved if the father of the girl and the mother got together to bring the girl into the guy's family. That way, the mother can be a mother to the girl without telling her she was already.. and the guy wouldn't have to lose her from his side... and since she'd then be in his family, this would leave her free to be with the stylist. But of course no-one thought of that.

A girl is intro'd to a famous stylist via an accidental cab pairing and a lost pair of Italian scissors. when an old 'rich' returning classmate throws a party, she asks the stylist to give her lessons on becoming a fashionable lady, so she could catch the chunk-turned-hunk. It isn't long when its discovered that the rich guy is the best friend of the stylist and the misunderstandings begin. The favored girl of the rich guy's family, hatches a plan to regain the rich guy's attention and gets the stylist to help... but although the rich guy is totally serious about the girl.. she only has eyes for the stylist.. and the stylist, rather in spite of his waspy tongue and demeanor.. finds himself falling the girl as well. to add further complication, it seems the girl has a secret relation to the rich guy's family... and when the rich guy might finally get a chance to propose to the girl, he gets into a car accident and drifts into a coma...

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