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Monday, March 5, 2012

Mr Goodbye

Mr Goodbye/ Wild Beast and the Witch/ 미스터 굿바이/ Mister Goodbye/ The Beast and the Witch * (Korean)
16 episodes

Huh Jung Min as Ronnie
In spite of its listing, this romance isn't much of a comedy.. although I suppose there were a few chuckles to be had at the beginning. Take care... This has a tragic ending to it... and is fairly 'tragically' sad from about a forth of the way in. Not one of my favorites.

Girl discovers bf with another girl and goes on 'vacation' to Las Vegas alone. On the airplane, she meets a guy and his bf with plans to break the news to his brother.
Because she is with them when they disembark, the brother at first mistakes her as his brother's intended bride. On her flight back home again, she once again runs into the brother, who booked the seat next to hers... following his work to Korea. His heart issues have them in a U'turn and after a medical check-up and another flight, they finally make it in to Seoul.
Owing her for the close call, the guy has her hired at the hotel he is the new president of. He is a company head-chopper and is out to restructure the place.. well liked.. or not.

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