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Friday, March 2, 2012

My Boss my Hero

My Boss, my Hero
/두사부일체/ Doosaboo ilchae (Korean)
Movie 98 mins
My Boss, My Teacher
/투사부일체/ Tusabu Ilche (Korean)
Movie 124 mins
My Boss, my Hero **
/マイ★ボス マイ★ヒーロー(Japanese)
10 episodes
Jeong Jun-Ho as Do-shik Jung Jun-Ho as Gye Do-shik Wakaba Ryuya as Hoshino Rikuo

I watched the Japanese version of this story. The comedy and soulful moments were quite good in this one. I enjoyed the connection between the main character, Makky, and Sakura-something. I thought the whole could have had tighter or better defined character relations,... like between makky and his real brother... or his father with the school nurse. but I guess it was alright for what it was. The music of the version I watched warbled badly, which was a sad distraction for me.

One of two sons of a Yakuza boss, had a rather dim moment when negotiating and as a result, His father demanded he go back to school, hiding who he was, in order to successfully bring home a diploma. Through-out the school year, he managed to learn a great many things, become good friends, experience his first love, and the togetherness of his classmates.

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