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Friday, March 2, 2012

Smiling Pasta

Smiling Pasta/ 微笑 Pasta/ Wei Hsiao Pasta (Wei Xiao Pasta) *** (Taiwanese)
17 episodes

Nicholas Teo as He Qun
Cyndi Wang as Cheng Xiao Shi
A bit of a hidden jem. I really enjoyed the humor and romance of this one. the downs were fairly mild and the ups were clumsy sappy fun. I loved the Turtle Girl's family! and Jinx's smile was amazing in how it seemed to light up his whole face. This one was very worth sharing for the laughs alone.

A girl suffering a curse of not having a boyfriend last over 3 months, has a bit of a run-in kissing accident with a disguised idol singer fleeing the paparazzi. In efforts to quell evil rumors popping up from damaging photos and make their own delightful sensation, the idol's manager convinces them to pretend to be engaged.

"Rainbow Smile"
by Cyndi Wang
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