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Sunday, March 4, 2012

What's Up Fox?

What's Up Fox?/ 여우야 뭐하니/ Hey Fox, What You Want To Do? ** (Korean)
16 episodes

Chun Jung Myung as Park Chul Su

I liked it. The ending wasn't totally wonderful, no 'they lived happily ever-after' story here, but then, it wasn't too bad either. Fav character: Chul Su, for his passion, determination, tenacity and a deep abiding love. Kind of funny, in a sad sort of way, the mom and sis couldn't see the connection between their own dating issues and that of Byeong Hee and Chul Su. Nor could the best friend seem to see that, in her determination to keep hold of her younger bro and not being alone, she was pushing him away causing her to, once more, be alone.

Byeong Hee got royally drunk one evening.. and seduced her best friend's younger brother. The next day, totally embarrassed and unable to remember details, she demanded Chul Su forget it occurred. and yet, it soon becomes apparent that the event just further stoked the flame of a years long love in the 9 years younger man.
When a doctor steps into the courting picture the families are only too happy...but for poor Chul Su, it causes nothing but friction.

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