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Monday, March 5, 2012

Egao no Hosoku

Egao no Hosoku/ Always Smiling/ 笑顔の法則/ Living Today for Tomorrow ** (Japanese)
12 episodes

Takeuchi Yuko as Kurasawa Yumi

Cute. Several light-hearted comedy scenes and a little romantic interest, mainly with the side characters. Favorite scene: When Sakurai goes in search for and finds the lost and hurt Yumi on the mountain hiking trail.

Yumi is fired from her job, and because she was at a friend's wedding, she is late for an interview. She quickly pauses in her dash to ask a delivery man for directions and gets her outfit caught in the van door. Sakurai, a popular comic artist happens to walk by and helps to free her. As it happens, she is headed for the same place he is.

A bit lost, she walks into the room where he is discussing a matter of his hiding away somewhere for 3 months to work on the newest series. Intrigued, by the 'red and white goldfish' he agrees.. only if she would go as his assistant. Learning this, Yumi agrees to the part-time work, if it is to be the same place as where her brother works.
Once there, she attempts to encourage the artist, as well as to make friends with the old-fashioned mistress and the others who work at the inn.

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