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Monday, March 5, 2012

Heaven's Wedding Gown

Heaven's Wedding Gown/ La robe de Mariee des cieux/ 天國的嫁衣 (天国的嫁衣)/ Tian Guo De Jia Yi/ La Robe De Mariage Des Cieux/ Bride from Paradise/ La robe de Mariage *\ (Taiwanese)
19 episodes

Cyndi Wang as Tao Ai Qing (Ivy)

Wasn't too wild about this one. no real chemistry between the main characters.. but for the playful one with the girl and the motorbike racer. Zi Hao this wonderful mix between the drama's main language and English... and peppered his speech with it clear through the drama. For some reason, I didn't care much for Ai Qing. perhaps just a tiny bit too little-girlish/giggly/air-headed to think she could attract someone as grown and 'successful' as Zi Hao... never-mind Hai Nuo... (even giving his more playful side) to the degree she did.
Fav character(s): Hai Nuo (I'm sorry you had to be the 'other' guy in this one, Ming Dao) and the fashion designer's mom.. for her plucky sense of determination to look after her son's well-being and happiness... even in the face of her irritated (and irritating) husband.

A fashion designer, while in Paris, has a bit of a run-by with an old woman, claiming his soulmate would soon be there..and gave him a large coin. He scoffs and tosses the coin away, only to be picked up by a countryfied girl who takes it for a goodluck charm.Once back home again, the girl discovers her brother, in efforts to pay off a debt, has sold their farm to the fashion designer, who plans to use the place for his design shop for a new line of clothing. In efforts to no have to leave their home, the girl and her grandfather hire on to caretake the place. A mistake by a motorcycle racer has him through the fence and meeting with the angel of his dreams and he desires, then and there, to pursue her. the designer though, comes to a realization that he is not in love with his long-time model girlfriend and breaks it off with her, much to the dismay of his father, who hoped to use the marriage to give their company better stability. The designer though, in a low moment, is given back the coin and believes the girl is his intended soulmate. So he also decides to pursue her. All while people around them scheme to pull them apart.

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