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Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Love Patzzi +

My Love Patzzi/ 내 사랑 팥쥐/ Nae Sarang Patjwi *** (Korean)
10 episodes

Kim Rae Won as Kim Hyun Sung
Jang Na Ra as Yang Song Yi
Kim Jae Won as Kang Seung Joon

Enjoyable drama imo. I really liked this romantic comedy.. even if there was a near traumatic moment with the childhood friend's heart issues. Even the events with the side characters was interesting and rather funny at times. Fav character: The rich son.. he was so smart, giving, and forgiving... even to his own rival. Fav Scene: The 'Girl Chooses Both' ending was funny and wonderful.

A Young lady, picked on since grade school by a fellow 'roomy' ("the horrid witch!")... now working at a stable carnival/faire as a costumed meeter/greeter... tries to get a bit of revenge on the witch by disabling a parade train.
Unfortunately, the train, being given a practice run that evening by the company owner's son, catches fire. The girl risks her hands on the hot glass to rescue the guy and runs off before the police could catch her. She then tells her childhood friend, and he tries to cover for her by saying she was helping him with cleaning the seal stage.
The rich guy, having caught sight of her and believing her to be his angel, finds her after a bit of searching and is smitten. This begins a 'friendly' rivalry between the rich guy and the childhood friend.
The witch though, eager to seize the opportunity, makes a mountain out of the molehill and very nearly gets the girl fired, if not jailed for the offense.

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