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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hello! Miss +

Hello! Miss/ Hello! Baby/ 헬로 애기씨/ Hello! My Lady (Korean) ***
18 episodes

Lee Da Hae as Lee Soo Ha
Lee Ji Hoon as Hwang Dong Gyu

Kind of dragged a bit.. loved the scenes where... Grandpa, determined to keep an eye on his grandson, ropes poor Hwang Dong Gyu to his wrist. of how that 'poor guy', after receiving a rather drunken proposal for help, sneaks around the royal household for a few days, determined to stop his cousin and grandfather from taking Lee Soo Ha's beloved home away from her. and when he got seriously drunk and passed out on the couch with her in his arms. The next morning they awakened with smiles and light banter then got caught in a tender kiss by Gpa. 'sweetest romantic moment' Oh the shock! XD

The president of a large company with a secret past of servitude and thievery, desires the land holdings of an old ancestral household with financial issues. So he instructs his two grandsons that whoever can win the household's granddaughter, and therefor the deed to the household, first, will be the one to inherent his company. But as innocent as she might be, she's no easy mark for the cousins.

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