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Sunday, March 4, 2012

I Really Really Like You

I Really Really Like You/ 진짜 진짜 좋아해/ Jinjja Jinjja Joahae/ Love Truly *** (Korean)
34 episodes

Kim Chang Wan as Kang San

I liked this one.. I really felt for Joon-Won, husband to a sick lady, and father to a little girl... for several reasons. (Dang, he's tall!) I think the ending could have wrapped up a few rather loose endings as well. but all in all, I was pleased with the sudden bursts of comedy bits all the way through. and although there were a few parts that seemed to drag in the main storyline (it could have been a little shorter..or perhaps finished a bit better), the support/side characters filled in things fairly nice imo. Fav character: the head chef of the blue house kitchen, Kang San.

A country girl rescues a fellow who had fallen down a hill in back of the dwelling she shared with her grandmother. Turned out the guy was a doctor, when gma dies, the girl packs up and heads for Seoul. The money she has intended to pay to the doctor for her gma's hospital care is snitched fairly quickly but as luck would have it, she meets a kindred spirit in an older fellow, who lets her stay at his place, along with his son and an uncle, who are blue house bodyguards. Gma had given her a task before passing away, and she had a couple of pictures to help her locate her real parents...but this task proves difficult straight away, as the picture of her father looks just like that of the president, and there aren't many who can get close to him without risk to life and limb.

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