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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Summer Scent

Summer Scent/ 여름향기/ Yeoreum Hyanggi/ Summer Breeze/ Endless Love 3/ Scent of Summer * (Korean)
20 episodes

Jo Eun Sook as Oh Jang Mi

This Romance has an interesting plot idea anyway.. But it certainly mires in sadness and total denseness a lot. Only drama I have seen to date where I have found myself yelling at the characters for utter stupidity. The ending was rather vague, I thought. I guess it was nice to know the feelings were still there after all the lies and away time of 3 years. I totally feared this was going to turn into another Romeo n Juliet story. nooooo!!
I seriously felt for the guy who lost his first love. No matter what good intentions there were to start with, they were usually spoiled and turned upside-down by someone elses vengeful plan. At the forefront of the knock-em-upside-the-head for vengeance dept, was the girl's boyfriend and his sister. with Hye-won playing back-up for sheer cluelessness. Just how dense and unreasonable can this girl get anyway? The only good characters who, although they made a fair share of mistakes, really did try their best in support.. were the lost love's father, and the two best friends. This drama could have been a whole lot better imo... perhaps if they did a bit more with the mystery of what was going on with the heart... and how it tied with their closeness and the destiny that kept pulling them together.

Girl dies in auto accident, her heart is donated to Hye-won, a transplant patient... who discovers a cheerful new life. One day, this engaged florist girl gets lost in a mountainous area while taking pictures of pretty flowers. Her cries for help are heard by a hiker and he rescues and stays with her for the evening before seeing her back to the roadside and her friends that next day. The guy is a real heart-thumper to the girl and the girl is so familiar to the guy... this confuses both of them mightily.
They meet again when the guy, who is an architect, and his partner has been given the bid for a renovation project.. On the same team as are the florists, they all stay at the resort for a time, to work out the details for the renovation and this gives destiny/fate plenty of time to throw the two together several times and eventually they fall deeply in love with each other.
This of course doesn't sit well at all for the girl's boyfriend and his sister.. who has taken a great liking to the architect... and jealousy, secrets, cussed stubbornness, and vengeance are quick to follow...along with several scary trips to the hospital.

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