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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Creating Destiny

Creating Destiny ** (Korean)
31 episodes

Even as I could understand yoon hee's desire to see her child know her real father.. and also his own desire to know his child, in wanting to be the father he nearly lost out on experiencing.. I really felt for Kyu Han.. who had done so much for so long for the two of them. This was a tad too tangled and long enough to prove slightly bothersome to even my rather tenacious attention-span. It was nice to see the actor who played the 'ghost dad' in Who are you? again. Least favorite character(s): the mother of Yeo Joon and her oh so 'good friend'...far too waspy and meddlesome.

A Korean girl is set to marry in Australia.. but dad and grandfather quickly come up with another idea.. and she is whisked off 'back home' to Korea to meet her betrothed. They clash instantly.. each having their own idea of who to marry.. when the folks insist, they take to pretending.. hoping it will give them both time to talk the elders out of it. The situation draws the rest of the girl's family to Korea where her father is happily reunited with his best friend.. the father of the girl's intended. and right behind them, the girl's Australian boyfriend.

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