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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Vampire Host

Vampire Host/ ヴァンパイアホス/ The Vampire Gigolo ** (Japanese)
6 episodes

Matsuda Satoshi as Suou

Quite fun for a bit of a change. I enjoyed the subject and although a bit cheesey, the acting was good and expected. I thought Rion kicking poor Suou was funny for his response "Ow ow ow! You kicked me again!" like he simply couldn't quite believe she would kick an actual vampire. The ending lacked though... It left too many important questions unresolved. Not quite a comedy, although it was rather funny to me, and not quite a romance, although there was a bit of caring between the two.

Girl's friend goes missing.. leaving nothing but a message on Rion's phone to say she had run into a 'real' vampire and a card from a local Host club. Rion goes to the host club, demanding to know where her friend had gone to, and when she was rebuffed, she broke an expensive bottle of wine. Having to take on part-time clean-up, she becomes acquainted with the 'real' vampire host of the club.. a youth called Suou.. who quickly becomes obligated to trail after the school girl in efforts to keep her from serious trouble in her quest to free her friend.

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