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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Who Are You?

Who Are You?/ 누구세요/ Who Is It? ** (Korean)
Not to be confused by the Korean Movie with the same name.
17 episodes

Jin Yi Han as Shim Jae Ha
Go Ah Ra as Son Young In
Yoon Kye Sang as Cha Seung Hyo
Romance adventure. Slow moving in spots. Good plot. Good acting.. especially the changes of the CEO/ghost personalities. Funny in places, especially when the ghost first takes over the CEO's body.

A poor artist dies under mysterious circumstances, leaving his only daughter in an awful fix with debt collectors. The poor guy is so desperate to get back to his daughter that the grim reaper makes him something of a deal and returns him to the hospital. A cold, fastidious and lonely CEO businessman, in a coma due to an auto accident is given another chance by the ghost, who is given possession of his body for 3 hours a day for 49 days... and the company he works for worries for his mental stability. A contract for a hidden stash of valuable paintings and a convict father n stepbrother, adds quite a bit of complication and action to the tale.

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