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Monday, March 5, 2012

Dal Ja's Spring

Dal Ja's Spring/ 달자의 봄/ The Spring of Oh Dal Ja ** (Korean)
22 episodes

Kim Sung Kyum as Tae Bong's grandfather

Had some nice music.. some funny scenes... relatively few 'shouting-at-the-idiot-program..damnit!!' scenes.. which I generally take for a good thing. I was rooting for Tae Bong from the first moment to the last. The videos were a little difficult to locate on the web.

30something old Oh Dal Ja, single, and working within a home shopping channel company.. meets a younger Kang Tae Bong who offers to be a fake boyfriend if she has the bucks and need for him. After getting dumped by the playboy co-worker, she gets drunk, vows revenge, and hires the 'fake' boyfriend for a month. Then, when she meets another guy, she thinks is 'her destiny' Tae Bong becomes more of a dating coach. when the months time is done. she considers reinstating the contract.. but he instead chooses to hire her to be his girlfriend and moves in.

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