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Monday, March 5, 2012

Bad Family

Bad Family/ Gangster Family/ Fake Family Service/ Bul Ryang Ga Jok *** (Korean)
16 episodes

Lee Young Yoo as Baek Na Rim
Kim Hee Chul as Gong Min

Fun comedy, fun romance. There's even a fair bit of intrigue to keep the story moving along. Fav character: The "Alien" he had good rapport with the little girl from the very start. I also rather liked the feisty "sister".

A little girl is the only survivor of a car crash and the only one who would know just who caused it to happen... but she has developed amnesia. As the only living relative, her uncle hires a 'surrogate' family in hopes to gently allow her memory to return. The man in charge, -uncle-, is an ex-gangster with a heavy debt, ...several people who owe him, -father- mother- gpa- n gma-, a homeless guy he found -brother-, and a girl he owes for the destruction of a boat -sister-... and gets them all sign a contract... to be a family for the little girl.. and keep her safe.

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